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Special Hospital St. Catherine is European center of excellence for advanced imaging, orthopedics, spine surgery treatment of pain (pain management), and sports medicine with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation infrastructure.

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Backache? Do you have problems with your knees? You are worried about sports injuries?

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Marin Čilić, winner of the US Open 2014

Marin Čilić, winner of the US Open 2014

I wish to spare no words of praise and thanks to St. Catherine hospital and polyclinic for all their expertise, professional care, diagnostics and services. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is one of the few places in the world where I am certain to find in a single place all the care that I require, with top level physiotherapists and doctors who leave me no doubt that they will never fail to identify the diagnosis and pinpoint the cause of injury, leading me on the fastest way to a full recovery.
My special thanks go to Dr. Borić and Professor Dragan Primorac for their continuing assistance and care, and also to physiotherapy personnel who are always there for me. I look forward to working with St. Catherine’s team for a long time in order that I can stay healthy and get by with as few injuries as possible.





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